15 February 2013


Starting a family means making your own traditions to carry on.  This was one of those things that I was super excited about when we found out we were expecting.  How awesome that I now get to decide when the kids get to come downstairs on Christmas morning, cause in our house growing up, my parents always made it a painfully long process.

Brush your teeth...and your hair, first.  My teeth and hair, holy moly there are presents downstairs, mom.  No one has time for that.  My sisters and I would be foaming from the mouth at the top of the stairs until dad lit the tree, started the fire and the coffee pot.  OH. MY. GOSH.  Excruciating.

Well, now its my turn to make these rules! (Evil laugh commence. Just kidding).

We are just now in the process of making our traditions and I think it will take some time.  We had Gideon at Christmas this year, but honestly it really didn't feel like Christmas and there was no time for the hooplah and traditions to start.  It's like I had just had a baby or something, you know? It was enough for me just to match my socks and not leak through my shirt.  Too much?  Too much!

There are so many possibilities here.  Special birthday plates, reading the Christmas story on Christmas Eve, a traditional meal (pizza, for us on Christmas Eve growing up), events to attend (baseball on the Fourth, anyone?), bedtime songs to be sung.  Oh man, so much to build here.

Well, guess what?  We have our first tradition. It really came about on its own.  I didn't even realize it was happening.  But, every morning while getting up and during G's first feeding, we watch Boy Meets World.  I know, we aim big in this family. It's the only thing worth watching that is on at that time and Gideon calms down as soon as I turn it on.  Going for mom of the year over here.

It was one of my favorites growing up and came from that era where each episode comes with a life lesson which is obsolete in today's tv choices.  I mean, I think Jersey Shore or Honey Boo Boo could take a note from Cory and friends.

So, here we are, building traditions, one small one at a time. And a dose of cuteness for you:


  1. Emily I really enjoy reading about G and everything. You are wonderful writer. I know we haven't talked in years and this is probably strange but I saw the blog on FB a couple days ago and it's great. Plus G will love reading this when he is older.....

    1. Thanks, Heather! I really appreciate that. Congrats on your engagement. Hope the planning is going well.


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