25 January 2013

What I have my eye on...Taylor edition

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Here is what I have my eye on for my sweet T. Always on the lookout for things that he would like as he often doesn't tell me what he wants.  

He needs these socks, as most of his have holes making me look like a horrible wife for letting him continue to wear them. I also think the vest and sweater would look so good on him. Add a little three day scruff and I got a hot mountain man.  The mug is something I have been looking for because he collects these Starbucks mugs and the Minneapolis airport did not have this one while we were there, so shout out to my Minnesota peeps if you see one just grab it up!  Nerdy glasses are a must. Guitar iPhone case, so cool. The chair would look awesome in his office at work, but then again any chair would look better than the ones that are in there now, circa 1970. And this is his dream truck that I promised to get him one day. But sadly, that day is not today. Or tomorrow.

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