26 January 2013

Ten thoughts on parenting

1. I was more prepared for the birth process then the bringing home baby process. I think it happens to most new parents.
2. In the morning, when I see that sweet smile, the fact that he woke me up four times in the night suddenly doesn't matter.
3. I consider my house clean when things are put away, irregardless if I dusted, vacuumed, scrubbed. (If I do any of that, I am a ninja).
4. He grows way too fast.
5. I can't make him love Jesus, but I hope what he sees in me makes him want to.
6. God picked me to be his mother. I have to trust that he equipped me to do it.
7. Baby milk breath is really the best smelling thing!
8. This would be impossible for me without Taylor.
9. Things were definitely easier before, but the best things come with the most work.
10. I have learned to live on less sleep.

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