28 January 2013

Big View

We had a great weekend over here! It started with the city freaking out due to the ice and sleet that was being called for.  Oh the South and everyone's inability to handle the cold.  Going to school in the mountains made me appreciate and understand good, cold weather and makes a few hours of freezing rain seem petty.

Regardless, it meant Taylor got off early, so we headed out to my parents to hang out with my sister, bro-in-law, niece and nephews.  We ate some awesome bean soup and my mom's amazing chocolate chip cookies! We didn't stay too late because we did see that the roads were starting to ice over.  I am glad we left when we did because the road by our house was pretty bad and a car in front of us spun out into the other lane.  Can you say heart in throat?  Yes, I am sure I stopped breathing for a few minutes. But, all was good, no one hurt.

Taylor and I then stayed up watching the first few episodes of Downton Abbey, Season Two.  I am obsessed.  Seriously, cannot stop watching.  We are getting the discs through Netflix and I hate having to wait for the next one to come.  So much so, that Taylor signed up so we could get more than one disc at a time.  Gosh, he loves me.

Saturday evening, we had plans to celebrate my sister's and mom's birthdays.  We first took my niece and nephews to a bouncy place with huge inflatables. They loved it.  G spent the time in his stroller sleeping.  Then we headed to Big View, one of our favorite restaurants.  We love food and they have the best.  It was a chaotic (hey, four kids 5 and under, what do you expect), great time.

We went back to my sister's house to eat dessert and meet her new puppy, Dolly.  So precious.  Now I have to get Taylor a puppy.  And Gideon.  Because he loved looking at her and she loved licking his little hand when it got too close to the kennel.

Sunday was a little rough in the afternoon, with G not taking a full nap in the morning and each time I laid him down in the afternoon, he would wake up screaming.  I finally just laid on the couch cuddling him and he slept for two hours.  Sometimes he just needs his momma.  And his momma will always take some cuddle time.

Hope your weekend was epic.

And here is the weekend, according to my iPhone:

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