22 January 2013


Monday, oh Monday! I freaking love you to pieces. While the rest of the world curses you under their breath, or not so under their breath, I adore you.

Mondays are Taylor's day off, so we go from weekend into the best day ever.  I always love seeing people posting about how horrible their Monday is or dreading the end of the weekend and I know I get to enjoy that day with my little family.  It is usually nothing big or grand.  Just a day to relax, get stuff done and enjoy each other's company.

This past Monday we were expecting to be napping all day as we decided to transition G from his rocker sleeper to his pack n play so we can start his move to his crib in his own room. (Man, that time went fast).  But, to our sweet surprise, our little man went right down in his pack n play and slept just like he did in his rocker sleeper.

So Monday started off with kisses and cuddles and accolades to our G for being so good.  We spent the morning lounging, straightening up, showering all while the G-ster took a good nap.  Then off to the grocery store where we had to be super diligent because we forgot to eat lunch before we went and we had to make sure we did not buy things out of hunger. Oh hunger and Oreos, you get me every time.

After lunch, when Gideon went down for nap #2, I asked T if he was ok with me going for a run.  You see, I still have some pregnancy poundage to lose and I know if I don't get serious about it, it won't happen.

That run.  Let me tell you. Amazing and torturous all at the same time.  My legs soared, my lungs burned and I almost vomited.  It had been months since I had last run.  A start though.  A start.

There was a picnic dinner in the living room with a little Big Bang Theory.  Books on the couch with a cranky boy.  Kisses and hugs with that sweet baby milk breath.  And down for bed.

Dearest Monday, you did it again.  I love you forever no matter what the rest of the world says.

And here is the weekend according to my iPhone

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