07 July 2017

five on friday

In a week, I will be waking up with only one baby in the house. Camp Grammy and Papa is happening with Gideon and Nolan for a few days and the thought of getting to sleep in and only have Lincoln is exciting (and a little sad, but exciting). Sleep in, you say? With a baby? Yes! Lincoln is a sleep-in-babe. Takes after his mama.

Lincoln is starting to get in the drool-fest, wet onesie stage. It's so cute to watch him blowing bubbles, but the wet clothes is no fun. I love these bandana bibs by Finn and Emma. They are so soft and 100% organic cotton. The snaps are also lead and nickel free. I was drawn in by the arrows and if you've seen his nursery you'll know why. They also make adorable clothes and wooden teethers (hallelujah, amen).

We are trucking along on our summer bucket list. Gideon wakes up every day and asks what we are doing off the list that day. He has a few favorites that he keeps begging to do, but I need adult back-up in order to make it happen. So far we have seen Cars 3, done s'mores, sparklers, the beach, and frozen yogurt. He's been patiently waiting for camping, but we have had so much rain that it hasn't worked out yet. Fingers crossed for sometime soon.

I'm ready for fall. I said it. I can't take the 96 degree days and humidity that melts my face off anymore. I don't thrive in this weather. We've been finding indoor activities like Chick-fil-A for lunch and to play in their play place. Also, I told Taylor I am ready for it to not be light at 6 am and 9 pm. But, that's probably just because I have young kids who rationalize the need to be awake because it's light outside. Go back to bed, kid.

It's no secret that I think and plan ahead. I may or may not have already started planning Halloween costumes and Lincoln's first birthday party. I can't help it. But, it can come in handy. This week I started thinking about fall/winter clothes for the boys and remembered that both Gideon and Nolan are going to need a new jacket. I checked Columbia's website and found them each a fleece for winter for less than $13 each. Boom.

*Finn and Emma provided the bibs, teether, and a romper to us. This is my real and genuine opinion of the product. 

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