12 December 2016

A baby name & PinkBlush

It amazes me at times that I am this far into my third pregnancy.  It's so true about third pregnancies; you have zero time to really think that much about it.  I know I am tired.  My indigestion has been terrible since week six, but I keep chugging along because that's all I can do.  I had to actually break out my phone on Friday to calculate how many weeks I was because I. could. not. remember.

One thing that has been harder for me this third time (and it shouldn't be.  I should be expert by now) is maternity clothes.  I was pregnant in a completely different season with Gideon and was also working so my wardrobe was different than what I would wear now for preschool drop-off and to be a personal snot rag.  With Nolan, I borrowed most of my maternity clothes from an amazing friend, who sadly has moved away!  So back to the drawing board and figuring out what to wear for six-ish months.

I was so excited to discover PinkBlush and love the versatility of their maternity clothes like this poncho.  I am a get the most for your money type of girl, so any clothes that I can wear while pregnant and post-partum, sign me up!  This fit the bill.  They have really great basics too, like the long sleeve white shirt I'm wearing that I ordered a few months back.  So soft and the perfect length! And I have teamed up with them to give away a $75 giftcard over on my Instagram (psst. great news is they have way more than just maternity clothes!!!)

Oh yes, and a baby name! I'm not one of those people who can dilly dally over baby names once they find out the gender.  I can't just say things like "I'll wait til he's born to see what he looks like."  I can't do it. I'm OCD, Type-A all the way.  For me, naming each of our babies soon after finding out the gender has helped me bond to them in a new and deeper way other than just the tiny thing making me pee all the time and constantly kicking me.

So, baby boy number three is...  Lincoln Asher.
Lincoln has been a favorite on our boy name list for a while.  It was easy to pull it back out and decide quickly that it was what we wanted to go with.  The middle name is always where I struggle. Taylor really wanted to go with a Biblical name since both of our boys have one.  He started throwing several out and Asher was one of them.  I immediately said no and moved on.  The next two days the name Asher kept bizarrely appearing in places around me.  I looked up it's meaning and it is simply "happy."  We feel like that perfectly describes how we feel about finishing our journey of biologically growing our family.  We are content with three boys and we are HAPPY!

poncho | c/o PinkBlush
onesie | Green Door Goods {A sweet friend owns this shop and surprised me with this gift!}

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