09 June 2016

Gideon says // 16

This guy has been S U P E R hard to parent lately.  We get so frustrated at his stubborn nature and high speed energy and then we realize we only have ourselves and our DNA to blame.  Kid is ours no question.  No one can sway him and when his mind is made up it is made up.  We always say he is destined for Jesus (ministry) or jail.  Hopefully the first. Here's a little of what he has said lately...

+ He really likes to critique my driving.
   Gideon: Mommy, that light was red. (PS.  It was the other lanes light)
   Me: I've been driving for 12 years.  When you are 16 you can drive.
   Gideon: But mom, I want to stay free (3).  I don't want to turn that.

Gideon: Hey mom, can I have some tacos?
    Me: It's 9:30 in the morning.
    Gideon: I'm hungry!

+ While helping Taylor make cookies.
   Taylor: Hey buddy, how many is in a dozen? Can you count them?
   Gideon: One, twoooo .... a lot.

Me: Nolan, you're a nut.
   Gideon: Noley, you're an acorn!!

+ While driving in the car (I always seem to be on the receiving end of "these" questions)
   Gideon: Mom, how do you go potty?
   Me: um, I sit down.
   Gideon: But, hows you go without a penis?
   Me: God made girls different so we have different parts and just have to sit down.
   A few minutes later I hear him whisper..
  Gideon: That makes sense.

+ He came to sit at the table with Taylor, propped his elbows on the table.
   Gideon: Dad.  You sure are growing up. I'm proud of you.

+ Taylor and I were watching Netflix in bed one night (every night because addicted to Arrow!) G       came out to use the bathroom.
  Gideon: Were you and mommy cuddling?
  Taylor: Yea, I guess so.
  Gideon: I hear you cuddling every night.


  1. I love every single one of these posts. The "that makes sense" literally made me laugh out loud.

  2. This boy! I love him so much. And yes he is yours, maybe a bit more Taylor than you.


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