21 November 2014

Five on Friday

This morning he pulled up my shirt, laid his head down and began talking to his brother.  

1. We are taking off on Sunday to head to my parents house for an entire week.  A whole week, you guys.  We couldn't be more excited to spend some down time together and bonus of free grandparent babysitting.  Then to cap it off with Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) and non-stop eating.

2. My mom always knows the way to my heart. Last weekend she showed up with a house warming present that included a Bath and Body Works candle (Cranberry Woods, heaven!) and two of their Christmas scented foaming hand soaps.  I love those type of things, but never think to buy them for myself.

3. The other night at church, I found Gideon in the nursery room with one of the baby dolls.  He was rocking her, burping her and trying to get her to drink out of his sippy cup.  Mama puddle on the floor.  He is going to rock this big brother gig.

4. Two weeks from today, I will have a two year old.  Holy smokes.  He has been singing "happy birthday" all week and practicing blowing out candles (not real ones, I'm not crazy).

5. On a sad Friday note, my parents are having to put down our cat today.  After over a year of him puking all over their house, the vet has discovered that he has leukemia.  He has not improved with meds and has lost a ton of weight and seemed miserable.  I know it's best, but darn it, they are a part of the family.  I remember the day in seventh grade that my parents brought him home.  I'll miss you Titus!

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