28 March 2014

happy list

Let's get some happiness going on here.  Kind of like the "glad game" if you have ever seen Pollyanna and if you haven't, shame on you.  It's a classic.  So here we are, a happy list...

+ hearing Gideon repeat words like "ready" and "OK."  Gah, there is nothing cuter.
+ honest toddlers 99 valid reasons your toddler may get out of bed.  I literally laid in bed laughing about              them last night.  My favorite might be "can't remember middle name."
+ dry shampoo.  Recently discovered that it is not necessary to wash my hair every single day. Dry    shampoo helps and in return, I'm saving my hair from damage.  I think I got stuck in "must wash everyday" mindset because I didn't in middle school and middle school is just haunting.
+ cadbury creme eggs
+ clean sheets.  Even better with freshly shaved legs.
+ my mom mailing me books that I meant to get while at her house. She understands my need for reading material.
+ rearranging Gideon's room.  It feels like a new place.
+ successfully transferring all our photos to our external hard drive.  I kept having nightmares about our computer crashing and possibly losing them all.  Taken care of!
+ bubbles.  A new favorite around here.
+ the Disney Pandora station. All the good stuff, old and new.

What's on your happy list?

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