10 March 2014

A crockpot of a post (not a recipe)

The last week has been hectic to say the least.  As if everything was thrown into a slow cooker and turned on high.  A crockpot of a week, if you will.  Taylor was on full speed, finishing up two classes online and getting ready to preach on Saturday night.  Gideon had his fifteen month well-check and shots and for the first time ever ended up with a fever as a result, and then throw a ton of rain on top of all of that and we have a party.

The fever was pitiful.  I mean PATHETIC.  And all he wanted was to be held and rocked and who am I to deny him that?  So all day Friday I rocked him while he slept and sweated and snotted all down my clothes, but luckily I was still in sweatpants.  He is actually really sweet when he is sick.  Then he started to feel a little bit better, but not all the way, and he was not so sweet anymore.  Finally, Saturday evening, I knew we had to get out of our apartment.  Church was out of the question because I couldn't stick my carrier-monkey in a room full of other peoples children.  They might not like me so much after that.  And keeping him with me was out of the question, because.  Just because. So we headed to TJMaxx. I figured if it was going to be a flop of a day weekend, I might as well get a new shirt out of the deal.  I picked out a couple things to try on.  Cue the dressing room meltdown.  Similar to the gas station bathroom debacle, only this time holding him was not the solution because I need both arms and trunk of my body to try on shirts.  The shirt was cute, but the screaming took the joy out of it for me.  So, we left.  Then I thought a Sonic lemon-berry slush would be a great consolation prize.  Problem, I don't want to wait in line forever while lady, lady asks about gluten-free options.  It's Sonic for crying out loud, there is fattening and then fattening and no in between, so why don't you head on over to Ruby Tuesday and get some lettuce and let me get my lemon-berry slush because my kid is screaming in the back seat.  Run on sentence all to say, no lemon-berry slush.

Well, we made it through Sunday and Taylor came home that evening with dark chocolate eggs in tow, which we promptly ate and then crashed.  This morning I had the twinkle of a thought about getting a pedicure and the words were barely off of my tongue when Tay said I must for all our sake.  Not sure what that means, but I ran with it and found myself getting a foot massage an hour later.  It had been a year since I had an actual pedicure and my feet were bad. I mean bad.  The little Asian lady kept commenting on the state of my dry and cracked heels.  How do you respond to that?  Um, thanks?  I picked a pretty Spring color and as I was driving away, I kept thinking how I couldn't wait to show these tootsies off in yoga.  Seriously, I have felt like I need to apologize for weeks in yoga for my feet. Just glad it's a lights off class.  But, no more.  They are sparkly and smooth.  Was that too much about feet?  It's seriously the highlight of my week and makes me smile despite the crank-a-saurus toddler I have chasing me around and crying until I hold him.  Not understanding this at all.  One minute he's kicking and screaming to be held and the next I am chasing him down a Wal-mart aisle.  Crap just got real you guys.

That was a lot for so little information.  A brain-dump if you will.  Looking forward to spending most of next week in Charlotte with no schedule or agenda besides running a 5k.  I might need to train a little more.  But who am I kidding?  I will probably just end up eating more dark chocolate while telling myself it is healthy because it is dark.

And some grainy iPhone photos to finish out this gem of a post...

 ^^ Sweet sick baby ^^
^^ Crank ^^
^^ Don't mess with me, mom ^^
^^ Feet just look weird, don't they? ^^

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