07 February 2014

iPhone Life

I feel like I just did this, but it was almost a month ago and my phone was full of photos.  Lessons I have learned from going through my iPhone photos... 

1. I mostly take photos of my kid.
2. Taylor and I need to get out more.
3. I mostly take photos of my kid.
4. Is there anything other than my kid to take photos of?
5. At least there aren't any food shots, right?

 We love the park // Gid the kid
 Drawn to the stage/instruments // Asleep with a cracker in his mouth
 First time with crayons // Mega blocks are a big deal around here
 Cupcake stop (sadly not for him) // Park time and this time daddy came
 Nursery. Don't they look so cute sitting in those little chairs? // My mess of a kid
 Fascinated with the mail boxes // Ball pit crib aka mama's desperate 
 He liked how the dryer felt // Everything "ah pain"
Chick fil a date with mama // And here you have a photo of me and Taylor (finally, date night)

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