15 January 2014

Who he will be.

Recently, while spending time with a group of mothers, I heard something that intrigued me.  Our children are not an extension of us.  Gideon is not an extension of me.  Mind blown.  We often think of our children this way instead of understanding that they are a human being too and a person all of their own.  Yes, they will have qualities that mimic us, but they put their own spin on it. And I love that more than anything.  It allowed me to let go of the fear that it was up to me to shape who he is and will be.


One night last week, Taylor and I were just hanging out in our bed talking after we laid Gideon down for bed.  Right now, we are doing the Q & A a day journal for couples.  It's awesome.  Anyways, we had just finished with our question for the day and just got to talking about our boy.  We started going on and on about the qualities and personality traits we already see in him.  And that turned into us talking about what we feel like he will be in the future.  

He is so determined and sticks to his guns.  Man, the stamina in this kid is unreal.  I don't love it when said stamina continually throws his sippy cup on the floor despite my futile attempts to redirect or when he refuses to nap.  I mean, he could not have slept for the last six hours, but if he is determined not to, he won't.  And you know what,  that kind of stamina will be so useful when he gets his arms around Jesus one day.  

Gideon loves people more than any other toddler I have ever seen.  He can make anyone smile. Try him.  I always get a good laugh when we go to Walmart because he has to wave AT EVERYONE.  And he does it until they smile and wave back.  And they always do.  He puts everyone at ease and can make the roughest of days, dreamy.  How awesome will this quality be in high school and beyond?  He will love people right where they are and for who they are and he won't care what others think.  He will smile and wave despite aversion and that is so needed in our world today.  

While in Forever 21 (overwhelming) a few weeks ago, Gideon decided he needed to make friends with the dad in line behind us with his daughter.  The guy played into G's game and waved back and began a conversation with him.  At one point he said to Gideon, "Are you going to be the one that changes the world."  What if he is?  Again, when he encounters Jesus fully one day, I know he has it in him to take the world by storm.

There is so much more about him that I can see developing into an amazing man one day, his charisma (goofy as can be) , affection (constantly giving kisses) , loving heart (always checking on Nala) , endurance (nothing gets him down) , desire to be around people (always), carefree spirit (dancing anywhere, anytime).  I could go on and on about this first-born boy of mine.  It excites my soul to see how the Lord will use him, how he is shaped over time and how he uses his abilities and desires to make a mark on this world.  I know in my heart he has big things in store.  

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  1. He is such a special boy to his Grammy. I know he has touched my life. :)


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