03 December 2013

Taking stock / 2

Making : birthday party decorations.  I am stuck between wanting to be a Pinterest mom and wanting to keep it calm.
Cooking : nothing today! I made chili yesterday and it always lasts several days.
Drinking : Cranberry Ginger Ale.  It just feels like Christmas when I do.
Reading : John Piper's Good News of Great Joy Advent book. 
Wanting : snow.  I realize this is not likely in our subtropical climate.
Looking: forward to a birthday this week.  And not all at the same time.  Where did my baby go?
Playing: with cars, balls, and books.
Wasting: toilet paper.  Our cat keeps unrolling them.
Sewing: not happening!
Wishing: that my sister and her family could be here for Christmas
Enjoying: hot chocolate in the evenings while we watch a Christmas movie.
Waiting: for Gideon to wake up.  We need to go to Target.
Liking: the suspenders I bought for Gideon.  Let's hope he keeps them on.
Wondering: where this year went?  
Loving: the kisses Gideon has been giving lately.  It makes my heart do all sorts of flips.
Hoping: that I keep my focus on what's important this season.  
Marveling: at the excitement in the air this time of year and the feeling I get inside because of it.
Needing: patience and a forgiving heart.  
Smelling: warm vanilla sugar lotion.  Ugh, dry skin.  Yay, good smell.
Wearing: baseball tee.  
Following: too many people on Instagram.  I love looking at pictures though.
Noticing: dust on our tv stand.  I always forget to dust.
Knowing: that I get cake on Saturday!
Thinking: about leftover chili for lunch.
Feeling: content. 
Bookmarking: ankle boots.  I need to find some.
Opening: almond milk.  My kid can't get enough of it.  
Giggling: the sound I hear a lot these days.
Feeling: ready.

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