10 December 2013

All about the bump.

Or the not quite yet bump. Although, on Friday a store clerk asked me if I had a baby bump.  I was shocked and so glad my parents had just walked out of the store since we were planning to share our surprise the next day.  So, here is what we know and you may want to up to this point...

- We found out on October 21 that we were expecting. And yes, we were trying. After it taking a year to get pregnant with Gideon, and at this time still breastfeeding Gideon, we thought it would take a few months. Not so. First try.

-I am currently 11 weeks. Almost done with my first trimester. I have had a little nausea, but nothing like my first pregnancy (I was horribly sick!).  Week 8 and 9 I was very tired and still am some days.  I just take a little cat nap while Gideon naps if I need one.

-We kept it a secret for about a month and a half.  With Gideon we told everyone right away.  Nothing wrong with that, except it made my pregnancy feel forever long. We decided to wait this time and it was fun having a little secret. We surprisingly didn't even slip up around family.

-My due date is June 30th.  I am not even getting my hopes up and am just going to bank on it being a July baby.  Maybe even a little 4th of July firecracker.

-We told all our family at Gideon's birthday party.  The last present he opened was the shirt in the picture above. Everyone's face was priceless and it took them a minute to actually get it.

-We are thrilled, excited, scared, nervous, pumped and every emotion you can think of about having another baby.  We know it will be tough at times, but we also know it will be rewarding and that always wins out!

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