13 November 2013

Holiday holdup.

My itty bitty Giddy in front of our tree last year

This time of year has always been a favorite of mine.  There is just something in the air as Thanksgiving approaches with Christmas right on it's heels.  Everyone, for the most part, is full of cheer and friendly smiles.  Lights and decorations are strung everywhere you look.  And the excitement you feel when you found the perfect gift for someone is always the best.  I have much anticipation for this year for so many reasons!

The past two holiday seasons have been like no other.  Two years ago, Taylor's dad passed away unexpectedly the week of Christmas.  It didn't feel like Christmas anymore.  We didn't feel like celebrating.  The cheer and joy was gone.  Last year we had a three week old.  Christmas was a blur of sleepless nights, visiting family, trying to get a new baby to try a bottle and keeping it together as best we could.  It didn't feel like Christmas either.  Usually, I love the build up to the actual day, but our build up was to a baby (an even better joy for sure!) so it was still different!

As, I sit here, two weeks away from Thanksgiving, the kickoff to it all, I am filled with excitement and joy.  Joy, knowing that we get to share this special time with Gideon.  Get to watch his face take it all in.  Get to teach him about giving and about the joy that is Jesus.  We get a chance to start family traditions of our own and introduce him to those we share with our families as well.  So, here we are.  On a 40 degree day, having just listened to Christmas music (I know, a little early), excited, expectant, enthralled.

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