09 October 2013

Wednesday Favorites.

Favorite Pins of the week:
*I'm not much of a jewelry person, but this scale necklace is something I would definitely wear.
*These antipasti bites are making my stomach growl and gurggle right now.
*Since we don't have a mantle to hang stockings on for Christmas, I am in love with the branch idea!

Favorite posts/videos/article this week:
*I love this video featuring Sydney from The Daybook Blog.  It is just a sweet glimpse of a mama and son spending an afternoon together.
*I've shared before about my love for the blog Young House Love! Last week they announced that they are expecting #2!  I don't know if I have ever been so excited for perfect strangers.  Maybe it is just that I LOVE baby news.  It always makes me smile.
*I adore anything that Angie Smith writes!  I have all of her books so far.  This post and video had me in tears and I can't wait to buy the book for Gideon.

Favorite others of the week:
*I have been wearing Fall colored nail polish on my toes for almost two months.  Wishing it here, if you will.  My favorite colors are Essie Angora Cardi and OPI Chocolate Moose.
*I recently added You've Got Mail and Anne of Green Gables to our Netflix DVD que.  They are both Fall-ish movies to me and I just want to sit down with a mug of hot chocolate and watch them.

Snapshots from the week:
Evenings include glasses and Netflix // A new doormat. 

His first pumpkin // Building a fort with daddy

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