11 October 2013

Pumpkin Patch

On Wednesday, Gideon and I headed out to a pumpkin patch about an hour outside of Beaufort with some new friends.  Less than two weeks here and we are moving and shaking with the peeps.  Gideon more so than me.  But anyways, Katie and her son Judah, were kind enough to invite us out to Holiday Farm pumpkin patch for the day and I am super glad we agreed.  It was one of the best days we have had in a while (clearly ranked up there with the Shrimp Festival because, well, shrimp!).  You know how I know it was a great day?  How about we were there for close to three and a half hours and Gideon didn't fuss once.  He was so enthralled with everything.

The farm had SO. MUCH. TO. DO.  You purchase a ticket (and lucky us, our babies were young enough to not need one!) which included the hayride, all activities, and a pumpkin.  There were pig races, farm animals, swings, a bounce house, huge sandbox, rubber duck races, picnic tables.  Impressive list, am I right?  We rode the hayride and picked out a pumpkin.  I made sure to get one with a sturdy stem that wasn't too heavy, as I was carrying a 21 pound, 10 month old around already.  We picnicked in the grass and played for quite a while.  Judah was at the perfect age to try everything, and Gideon mostly stood propped up against things, but he truly enjoyed watching all the other kids. I chalk this up to awesomeness.

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