11 September 2013

Wednesday Favorites

Favorite Pins this week:

*If you know me, you know I love orange.  So this bike totally has my attention.

*I love me some Instagram, so Instagram photobooks?  Say no more!

*Root beer floats done right for a party.  What is it about mason jars that just brings everything together?

*I love this print. "I'd rather be kind than right."  If everyone just lived by this daily.

Favorite blog posts/articles/videos this week:

*Warning when you watch this video you may cry.  Or maybe that's just me, but I think it is the sweetest thing.

*Thirty ideas to set the mood for autumn.  And don't you know I love Fall.  I also love that these are DIY.

*My dad emailed me this post about getting uncomfortable.  It is a great perspective for our big move coming up.

Favorite others this week:

*We are in "pull up on everything" phase with Gideon.  It is so cute to watch him explore this whole new level.  Also, sad to see my baby standing there like a little human.

*Hostess has brought back Sweet Sixteen powdered donuts.  They are just called donettes now! Same great taste.

*We hit up Ikea this past Monday and it never disappoints.  I am pretty sure we found the couch we plan on getting.

Happy Wednesday! What are your favorites?

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