12 September 2013

He thinks it's funny.

I took Gideon to a playground the other day.  I should say, we snuck into a neighborhood we don't live in because they have a playground with baby swings and I had no other idea where there was a park to take him.  To be fair though, we did at one point look at buying a house in this neighborhood so I should be able to use the swings on principle, right?

Well, he thought it was great.  He has a swing at Grammy and Papa's house, but can go a little higher on this one.  And I rode down the slide a few times with him on my lap.  He would wait until we got to the bottom and stopped and give one, hearty "ha," almost as a courtesy laugh.  But, the swings.  Now, the swings brought about some real, genuine belly laughs.  Totally worth the trespassing.

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