21 August 2013

Wednesday Favorites

Hello, Wednesday.  Can you believe we are nearing the end of August already?  Dear, goodness, slow down time.  I can smell the pumpkin in the air and see the leaves already making their trek to vibrant colors. So let's get started with some favorites...

1.  This weather.  I don't know where you live or what your weather has been doing, but here in NC we have had the coolest August. Lots of rain, but fine by me.  Everything is still green, unlike most years where it is brown, dry and shriveled.  I've had to put socks on Gideon lately!
2. I love shopping at Modcloth online.  They have tons of fun dresses. They are doing a major sale right now, up to 70% off!
3. I adore Angie Smith and have all three of her books.  She recently wrote this post on her blog and it is just what I needed.
4. This article has opened my eyes so much.  I hope as Gideon grows, I slow down and fight the urge to say "hurry up" knowing full-well that I will only have these little years for a little while.
5. Um, a new Friday Night Lights movie? Heck yea.  Taylor and I spent many nights watching the show on Netflix.  Taylor wants a puppy so bad and I have agreed, only if we can name him Riggins.
6. I got some awesome deals on Fall clothes for Gideon.  This boy will be styling.  And most of it is plaid.  I think I have a problem, you guys.
7. Now that you can shop H&M online I am dying to get thisthis, and this for Gideon.  Baby cardigans and old man sweaters. Agh, and yellow pants. I can't help myself.

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