08 August 2013

Wednesday Favorites on Thursday.

One of our engagement pictures done by our good friend Zawadi.  Now in the Seattle area if you are looking for a great photography.

Just pushing these Wednesday favorites to this lovely Thursday because Wednesday was anniversary and you just have to make room for that! And go...

1. Three years of marriage.  So yea, it's the best.

2. I love this post on why being a mom is enough!

3. Taylor and I saw The Way Way Back the other night.  It was amaze balls.  A new favorite for sure.

4. You can now shop H&M online in the US.  My life is now complete.

5. Really enjoyed this post from a blogger who just left for a short-term mission trip to Africa. Great thoughts on going rather than just sending money.

6. Today ends world breastfeeding week.  Didn't know there was such a thing, but cool, especially since Gideon and I have made it eight months.  I honestly didn't think we would make it this long.

7. The nice tan I'm getting this week at the beach.

8. We had a date night for our anniversary last night.  Can you say prime rib?

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