01 August 2013

Frog in the tub

Bath time is one of my favorite times of the day on days that we give Gideon a bath. (Every other day right now).  And not just because it means I am about to put him in bed, although some days, I would have to agree with that.  It's my favorite because Gideon is always happy during it, no matter how he feels or how the day was.  That boy is content to just sit in his little bath tub and splash as long as he can.

He comes by it honestly.  I love a good bath.  And for the last year and eight months I haven't had one. Not a one (OK, I did after I had Gideon in the hospital, but it was not a fun, relaxing one since I was in pain).  You see, we only have a shower, which is probably good because if we had a bathtub while I was pregnant, I wouldn't have gotten out of it.  I assure you so.  Gideon was meant to be a bath lover because of me.  And he is the cutest little bath dweller, if I do say so myself.

The last week and a half has been rough with this little guy.  Those darn teeth are trying to come in, swelling his gums so big and making him miserable.  Naps are cut short because he is in pain and eating is barely tolerable.  He has a runny nose and runny diapers.  Not a great combination.  But that bath.  That bath time just mends him right up.  He holds his new frog toy and splashes, splashes, splashes.  After we wash him up, we pull the little plug on his tub and let him play until the water runs out.  I love those few minutes where I can just watch him.  Nala usually joins in around this time and stands nearby trying to drink the water.  A boy and his bath.  Doesn't get much better.

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