17 July 2013

Wednesday Favorites

1. How adorable is this popcorn cart? Such a cute and fun idea. And to top it off, those glass bottle drinks.  Everything tastes better in a glass bottle!

2. Thank goodness for Internet Slang {dot} com.  I am so not with it and had to look up "ootd" the other day which led to this site find.  I mean, I'd like to call myself a social media enthusiast, but not sure if I am so deserving of the title because honestly, half the time I don't know what these hashtags/abbreviations mean. Get with it, Em!

3. I had been looking at longer, cutoff denim shorts at the store.  Well, I made them myself out of an old par of jeans.  Boom.  Saved $45.

4. I read a post on Glenwood hot springs and have added it to my list of places I MUST go.   I think it would be perfect in Winter.  Imagine snow on those mountains as you swim in the hot springs.

5. Gideon started clapping his hands this weekend. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

6. In three weeks, I will be sitting on the beach.  Or rather chasing a hopefully crawling boy and keeping him from eating all the sand. But my tootsies will be in that sand.'

7. I have a pile of stuff for a yard sale soon.  I love cleaning out and getting rid of stuff.  It feels like a fresh start.  Anyone with me?

8. This might seem weird to be on a "favorites" list, but I am glad I read this post on chemical miscarriage.  That's what the doctor said I had before we got pregnant with Gideon.  It is good to have a reference for others who may experience it and a sisterhood of other women to lean on.

9. I'm obsessed with shrimp.  Which is weird because there once was a time when I wouldn't eat it. Sad time in my life.  But, here is an awesome recipe for shrimp skewers. Yum.

That's all I have this week from camp!  What are your favorites?

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