08 July 2013

Sparklers & Watermelon.

We had an awesome Fourth of July.  It had rained the entire week and we had plans to picnic by the lake with my family so I prayed and prayed and prayed that it wouldn't rain.  Well, halfway there it started raining, but my mom sent me a text saying that it had passed over and it was sunny.

It was perfect when we got there and got a little hot throughout the afternoon, but we had nice shade from all the trees.  We just ate and hung out playing cards and laying in hammocks and watching Gideon because that is what you do when a baby is around.  You watch them because it is fun.  And he is always entertaining.

^^ Gideon decided he needed his own bag of chips which he banged against everything until it was crumbs.^^

^^ This little tent is a lifesaver.  He loves rolling around in there and playing.^^

^^ Picnicking. Eating way too much.  But, holiday.  Am I right?^^

^^ Playing "boo" in the trees with Aunt Alisha.^^

^^ In the hammock with dada^^

^^Watermelon time.  He liked it until he actually got some off and it went down his throat.^^

^^ Finally a family picture.  I need to try to get in the picture a little more often or Gideon won't think I was ever there!^^

^^We hightailed it out of the park just as a huge storm was coming in.  We finished our night at home with sparklers.  Gideon was super cranky (he was cutting a tooth!) but I was determined to do a sparkler with him so we went out even though it was really light.^^

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