22 July 2013

Scenes from camp.

We have been at camp for the last two weeks.  We came home for a few days in between the junior and senior high camps, but for the most part we have been living out of suitcases on the lake at camp.  And it was so much fun.  Taylor was there for, of course, work.  Gideon and I were there for the pool and the fun.  Because why would I sit at home trying to entertain a seven month old when I can have 80-something teenagers help me with that?  And boy did they ever.  Or rather Gideon entertained them.  He was the hit of camp and most popular by far.  He was eating up that attention and reveled in it.  He could be as fussy as ever, but as soon as a group of girls ran up and swarmed him, he turned that smile on and flirted with the best of them.  He is beyond social.  Not sure what he is going to think now that he is home with just old mama and dada.  Certainly the let down for him.  So here are scenes from our last two weeks at camp. Get ready for some slip-n-slide kickball and of course, a dance party during lunch!

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