15 July 2013

I know he loves me...

-When he delivers me food at camp because Gideon fell asleep while I was feeding him.

-Because he asks me if the door is locked at night when he isn't home.

-He makes me really good scrambled eggs and leaves out the cheese (even in his) because I can't eat it right now.

-Rubs my back and gives good back scratches without me even asking.

-Goes to Redbox and gets me "Safe Haven" because he knows I really want to watch it.

-Stays up watching Parenthood with me even when he is tired.

-Walks into Forever 21 with me so I can look for a headband.  He really hates that store!

-Sets my phone up as a internet hotspot so I can use the computer at camp while Gideon is napping.  He didn't want me to get bored while he was working.

-Gets Gideon in the morning so I can sleep a little longer.  And closes the bedroom door when he walks out so Nala won't come wake me up.

-Makes chocolate pudding with soy milk so I can eat it too.

Yep, that husband is a keeper!

*Sorry about the crappy iPhone pictures.  That is the only way we have pictures of us together these days!

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