01 May 2013

Hooray for May

Goodbye April, Hello May.  Anyone else feel like this year is going too fast? I feel like I was just yelling at January for being too cold and here we are in May already.

April was a crazy, busy month for us.  And May is about to be also.  We seriously have not had a free weekend and we won't until June.  And even then we have things that need to get done so we will see how this Summer goes.  It will probably be December before we know it and then it will start all over again.  Ok, I hear you.  One month at a time, right?

Well, May does bring lots of fun things.  My first official Mother's Day.  So excited about that one.  Even though I really am convinced that there should be Mother's Day every month. I am in a friends wedding this month also and that is exciting and fun to be a part of.  And then we are getting on a plane with my family and taking Gideon up north to see my mom's family and experience my favorite place in the world, my grandpa's farm.  I am super excited about this trip and can't wait to take Gideon on the airplane.  Most people would be scared, but he really is a chill baby.  Plus we have six other adults and three other kiddos flying with us so there are plenty of helping hands and entertainment to make the trip easier.

Bring it on May.  We are so excited to have you here.

And because I am so excited, here are some farm pictures through the years.

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