03 May 2013


Twenty-five.  Today I am twenty-five. A quarter of a century.

Most people start to worry about getting old once they turn twenty-five. Or if you are like my sister-in-law, you may start that at twenty-two.  I honestly don't mind getting older. Wait, wait. I hear you.  We'll see if I am still saying this when I am thirty and then forty.  But, hear me out ok.

At twenty-five I have already experienced so much in life. College, falling in love, marriage, pregnancy, giving birth, learning to be a mama.  But, regardless of all I have experienced, I still feel too young to have experienced it.  Does that make sense?  I had this conversation with Taylor the other day and he said he knew what I meant.  I think about myself and still feel like I should be or am too young to be married and to be a mother.

So I guess maybe turning twenty-five validates me to be old enough for these things?  I really have no clue, but I am embracing it and loving the fact that I am older.  I think no matter what age I turn I will still feel too young to be where I am.  Is that where the phrase "young at heart" comes from?

Well, anyways. Here's to twenty-five! And goodbye twenty-four.  You were so great.  You made me a mama.

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! I felt too young to be a wife and mom at 34. You don't age much more mentally after your mid-20's. My husband and I looked at each other and thought, "we have a KID?! Are we old enough for that?" Crazy.


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