17 January 2013


We have another baby.  A baby we have had since before we even knew G was on his way.  Meet Nala.

We got Nala last March and by our calculations she is turning a year old this week!  T always had dogs growing up so when I wanted a kitten he wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea, but he loves me so and said yes.  I picked her up through a mutual friend at a hair salon for free and brought her home to live with us.  To my surprise, T was taken with her as soon as he got home and she was equally taken with him.  She was such a cute little fuzzy thing.

This was during our "trying to get pregnant" phase and so when we thought it wasn't going to happen we decided to "adopt" this sweet girl.  And what usually happens when you stop trying and adopt...you get pregnant!  To my surprise and delight, I found out I was pregnant three weeks after we got sweet Nala.  I always tell T she was the first to know about our baby because she was the only one home.  There was no one else around and I had to tell someone, so I looked at her while standing in the bathroom with the test and told her she was going to be a big sister.

She is a spunky and crazy kitty that makes us laugh and sometimes makes us look at each other and say, "where did we get her?"  To which the reply is always, "from a hair salon for free!" She is a mess, but loves us so much.  She gets in trouble, but cuddles so well.  We don't know what we would do without her.

We were worried she would feel slighted when we brought G home, but she loves him with the love of a protective mother.  I think she is convinced he is her baby.  At night, when I go in our room for bed, I usually find her under his rocker sleeper just sitting guard.  If he is in his swing and starts to cry, she pulls herself up on the side with her front paws and "checks" on him.  T and I always joke that she will love him until he is a toddler and starts dragging her around our home in a head lock.

Happy birthday sweet kitty! Thank you for bringing so much joy to us. We love you

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