16 January 2013

Mama's night off

This mama got a night off last night for the first time since G was born.  It was amazing!  Now that I am consistently pumping and T is giving G his bottle every night before bed, I had no problem jumping at the chance when my mom asked if I wanted to go to a ladies dinner at our church.

I cuddled my boy all day, anticipating that I would miss him dearly.  We read books and played with his music toys.  When T got home, I started getting ready. Actually putting full make-up on and getting out of my sweat pants.

I was eager to have a rejuvenating evening away, but also eager for T to have some one-on-one time with G.  I knew he was way excited and I love that he is so great that I was not nervous about leaving at all.

So I jumped in my chariot for the night. Yes, I got to drive this baby:

Our non-car seat compatible truck. T's truck. Number 1, it was parked behind my car. Too much work to switch them.  And number 2, I had to be sure that T had the car with a car seat in case some crazy emergency happened and he had to take G somewhere.  Mommy thoughts!

The dinner was so good. Eating with both hands is a luxury these days. And of course adult conversation. I was, however, asked by strangers at our table how old I was (cause I "look so young") and what I did for living. To which I replied I was a stay-at-home mom and then was subsequently asked if I was married. Why, yes. Yes I am. Thanks for asking. T also sent me this picture saying that it is what they think of me being gone:

As soon as the night was over, I hurried to get home because I couldn't stand that empty feeling of not having G with me. His rockstar daddy already had him bathed, fed, and asleep in his bed. And of course they watched The Dark Night Rises, so I know he is getting a good education while I am away.

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