07 June 2017

Confessions of a tired mama

People have jokingly asked if Lincoln is ever out of the wrap. I'm all "Haha, nope. I have two other kids so my hands are kind of important to have available."

+ I'm low on sleep right now. Shocker, right? When there are rare instances that I can sleep and my dear sweet husband is snoring due to allergies, exhaustion, etc. I maybe, possibly, may push his arm or kick his leg to wake him up and then pretend I'm asleep so that he will stop snoring and I can pass out. {And by maybe, I mean every time}.

+ At the end of my pregnancy, I would bribe Gideon with dollars or candy to scratch/rub my back.  I'm thinking about continuing this.

+ How do I willingly get my boys to take a picture every Sunday before church, you ask. Candy. It's called candy. {Follow our Sunday series on Instagram #thoseburgessboys. And I clearly am not above bribery}.

+ We've been hitting up the "Old McDonalds" as Gideon calls it on Sundays after church because crying and hungry baby plus it pretty much being nap time and I'm tired. While that is a confession in and of itself {so healthy} the real confession is that after a day or two I usually throw the happy meal toys away. Ain't no one got time for that junk in their house.

+ I've also had to come up with some cunning tales about the whereabouts of some preschool artwork. I mean, I've saved the cutest ones, but Cheerios glued to paper isn't my thing.

+ We jokingly talk about my OCD habits at home, but in all seriousness it's so true. So much so that during a conference with Gideon's preschool teacher this year, she told me that he was "very particular" about how the blocks were put away and directed the other kids on where to put them. She said she loved it and the kids listened to him better than her so she let him be in charge of that. {Monkey covering eyes emoji. He gets it from his mama}

+ I took the doctor who delivered Nolan and Lincoln flowers at my postpartum check-up. It's my last baby, she was amazing, and anyone who can make it through labor and delivery with me deserves a little gift.

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