20 June 2017

around here

+ I started bbg last week and it sucks. And feels awesome all at the same time. I dream of tacos while doing burpees {who invented those by the way, ugh}. It is nice to finally feel like I'm working out towards something other than pregnancy.  I think I feel motivated knowing that my body is not going to change to grow a human again.

This mask. A sweet friend gave me this and I can't say enough good things about it. It makes my skin feel like freshly washed sheets. And even better, it's not a peel one!

+ Who knew the Dollar Tree had such great things? I've been hitting them up for coloring books {Ninja Turtles, Curious George, Avengers, Jake and the Neverland Pirates!}, stickers, activities, chalk, and other little things to keep the boys occupied for the summer. But, make sure it's a Dollar Tree, the high class of the dollar stores.

+ Update on driving a van... it's the best, holla.

+ In addition to working out, I have been working hard on cutting down the sugar that I eat. Not just the sweet stuff, like the being conscious of everything that has sugar in it {which sadly is most things}.  I'm not 22 anymore and the brain fog is real. I've noticed a huge difference since I started a few weeks ago.  I do allow myself a Dr. Pepper on the weekends and some Ben and Jerry's dairy-free because life.

+ Speaking of dairy-free, on month three of it.  So much easier this time around because I know what to expect and have found awesome replacements.  Guac on everything.  And that Ben and Jerry's dairy-free ice cream is so worth it.  The fudge brownie and chunky monkey are my favorites.

+ Gideon has been out of preschool for a month and mama misses it.  And so does he.  Excited and looking forward to this fall when he goes five days a week.  The boy thrives in social situations. The school is a Classical curriculum and I'm pretty sure at five years old he will be smarter than me.

+ Lincoln is what dream babies are made of.  Sleep and smiles.  We finally got some answers about his ongoing congestion at his two month well-check when the doctor checked his ears and found his right one to be infected.  So strange for a baby his age, but also not since I had one a couple weeks before.  Some antibiotics and chiropractic adjustments and he is a happy, happy baby.

+ Nolan is two.  I don't know if that needs to be elaborated on at all.  Two.

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