23 February 2015

Gideon says // 08

I wasn't going to post these yet, but I figured since we are about to hit newborn land WITH a toddler, I would probably have a whole new gold mine of funny things that he has said.  Hopefully I remember to write them down before my fuzzy, no-sleep brain forgets them.

+ I told Gideon I was tired and laid down on the couch.
   Gideon: Shouting at my belly. Nolan, you tired?  OK, lay down!

+ Me: Can I have a kiss?
   Gideon: Can you NOT?

+ Really into superheroes lately.
   Gideon: First thing as soon as he got out of bed.  Batman and Joker are going to Chick-fil-A to eat    chicken and fries.  And Joker sits in the highchair.

+ After being sick for a few days.
   Me: Are you not feeling well, buddy?
   Gideon: I sick... I go to hospital... I need to get in amblance.  (A little dramatic)

+ Whispering to himself after I got him dressed for the day.
    Gideon: I look handsome!

+ We've been talking a bunch about Nolan's arrival to prepare Gideon.  
    Gideon: His own thoughts on the subject. He's gonna POP OUT!

+ Me: What songs are you going to sing for Nolan?
   Gideon: Twinkle, twinkle; Jesus loves me; I will wait.  (Glad to see that Mumford and Sons made the list)

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