07 April 2014

Gideon says // 01

I think conversations with toddlers and interactions with them in general are the best.  Gideon is by far, not yet to the stage of having full conversations but the things he says and does lately seriously crack me up and sometimes have me saying, "where did you come from, kid?"  I thought I would go ahead and start documenting some of the fun and I assume it will only get better from here on out.

+ Sitting on the couch with Taylor and Gideon.  Gideon being a wild monkey.
   Taylor: Where did this crazy man come from?
   Me: From Jesus
   Gideon:  Ameh (Amen)

+ Gideon is quite the copy cat right now.  The other night, we visited our Sunday night student ministry   at church to hang out with Taylor.  Taylor was asking the students who had taken a nap that afternoon since it was a rainy day and most of them raised their hand.  Gideon followed suit and raised his hand.  Maybe a had-to-be-there moment but it was hilarious.

+ Gideon: Na-Na.  NAAANAAAA. Haaay keety. (clicks tongue to call her)
   He always hears me say these things to our cat, Nala.

+ Every time I open our car door to unbuckle him out of his car seat, he sees the inside lights come on and immediately says "uh oh." Background story...while driving one day, I accidentally hit one of the lights and turned it on and said "uh oh." It clearly stuck with him.  I mean EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I open the door now.

+ Me:  Gideon we need to change your diaper.
   Gideon:  runs down the hall, lays on the floor and puts his face down.
   He is under the assumption that if he can't see us, we can't see him.

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