03 February 2014

What I'm loving now...

...Taylor surprised me with a date night on Friday.  As in, get a babysitter date night.  The first person other than family who has watched Gideon; she was great and it was wonderful.  I got to change out of my snot-stained pants and dress cute.  We went to an awesome restaurant on the waterfront, put our phones in the middle of the table and didn't touch them and talked about everything and anything except our child, followed by a walk on the waterfront.  It was refreshing and needed.

...Lately, when I go to get Gideon out of his crib after nap, I've been getting on my knees and puckering my lips through the crib rails. He eagerly gives me about ten kisses in a row and giggles about it. Best part of my day.

...I cut two and a half minutes off of my 5k time the other day.  Still not where I want to be, but I am getting there.

...Sweet comments, messages, and emails from some of YOU!  You will never know how much it means to me when you send them.  Some days I don't know why I blog, but then I get an email or message from you and I am reminded.  Thank you.

...The first photo above.  I took it at our church flag football tournament yesterday.  Gideon was in heaven and I had to keep him from running on the field in the middle of the game.  "bah, bah, bah" (ball).  Oh, he wanted to play with the "big" guys so much.  And daddy took him out there for a few minutes and he got in the championship photo (daddy's team won).

...Lists.  As you can tell, I like to blog in lists every once in a while.  It keeps my thoughts organized and allows me to share all the random things in our life. I promise I have some complete and more in depth posts coming that don't have points that are numbered, starred or dashed.

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