09 September 2013

This little pig went to market.

We hit up the local farmers market this past Saturday.  It was awesome and we kept saying how we couldn't believe we never went before.  Tons and tons of produce and beautiful flowers. Grass-fed all natural beef, honey, homemade salsa.  Just walking through and looking at everything was exciting and we would have left with tons, but forgot to bring more cash and only had enough to buy lunch.  Two all-beef hotdogs and some drinks which was well worth it.  I keep telling Taylor I want to go back before we move and lucky us, our new home has a year-round farmers market as well, which I plan to make a traditional outing, especially with the seafood they will be selling.  And our little pig loved going to market!


  1. Oh my! Those flowers are GORGEOUS! I would have to take some of those home with me :)


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