03 July 2013

Wednesday Favorites

1. A post that my sister shared with me about not apologizing for little boys acting like, well, little boys.  Love it and know that it will change how I mother as Gideon gets older. (I'm usually the one apologizing for a fussy baby, but hey, he's a baby.  I need to stop that!)

2. Don't these s'mores bars just look sinful?  I can't wait to try this out.  I think I will wait until Fall 1. Because it seems like a Fall-ish food and 2. Because Gideon has "milk protein intolerance" so I am avoiding dairy until he is nine months before reintroducing and if I made these now all of that would go out the window. (More on this in his seven month post later this week!)

3. The 4th of July is tomorrow.  Always a fun day to celebrate and cookout and hello, fireworks! Last year was by far the best because we had our little gender reveal and I found out I was about to be a boy-mommy.

4. Loving the white Chuck Taylor's.  Classics.

5. A free Saturday this weekend with nothing to do and no plans.  First in a while.

6. This Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn 1st birthday party I saw on Pinterest (I find everything there these days, feel me?).  I am already brainstorming for Gideon (T-minus 5 months), but am having trouble since he has a Winter birthday.  Any ideas since we will most likely need to stay indoors?

7. I love this poem about motherhood.  And it has a FREE printable that you can frame and hang in a nursery.  My favorite part is "I am your quiet place, you are my wild."  Gideon is definitely my wild.

8. I read Young House Love on the regular and really liked this reader redesign for a shared nursery/toddler room for a boy and a girl.  How perfect and cute did it turn out!  I love neutral rooms for babies and children.

9. Laying out.  I discovered that our video monitor reaches outside so during G's naps I try to sit outside and get some sun.  I am racking up a nice little tan!

10. Countdown until camp (T-minus 6 days) and the beach (T-minus 33 days)!

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