01 July 2013

Not what you expect.

This post is not a typical weekend post with 15 or more iPhone photos from the weekend.  I really maybe took four pictures the whole weekend and none with my actual camera.  And I am telling myself it is OK.  While I love documenting our life in photos and I know I will be grateful for it years from now, sometimes I just want to sit in the moment and interact with it rather than try to capture it.  I would rather commit it to memory and hold it inside than share it with everyone.  And it really is OK.

We had a great weekend even without photographic evidence.  We met up with friends to catch up and Gideon hammed it up with smiles and giggles.  We celebrated graduation for a friend and ate way too much dessert.  Taylor spent the entire night at the church with 50 or more youth.  Yes, he did not sleep the entire time.  I don't know how he does it.  All the while, Gideon and I were at home and boy did we ever sleep.  And we slept in all the way until 8 am.  Bliss, I tell ya.  

Taylor came home and crashed and G and I went to Target for caffeine-free Pepsi and Skittles because it is all about the important things in life.  Well, and I picked up a multi-vitamin for the boy.  When I put Gideon down for a nap, Taylor was waking up so I gave him the monitor and headed outside with a magazine, Pepsi, and the sunshine to work on my tan.  Because us mamas don't get to do that too much and I wasn't about to pass up the opportunity.  It was great and my sun-kissed legs are happy.  

We spent more time out in the sun on Sunday.  We filled Gideon's little pool up and set him in and he went to town.  More splashing and playing and it is the cutest thing I ever did see.  He is constantly trying to drink the water though.  The beach should be fun next month.  Pretty sure I will be on sand patrol the entire time, trying to keep it out of his mouth.  Probably shouldn't plan on bringing any books or magazines because they won't get read.  Mom life.

And to offset no pictures I am sharing a video of Nala kitty.  Taylor wanted a dog from the get-go and I wanted a cat.  We clearly got a cat so Taylor taught her how to play fetch so it feels like he has a dog.  They play this all the time.  Sorry about the low-quality.  It was taken on my phone in low-light and I have zero video editing skills so I just uploaded as is, but it should make you smile!

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